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  • Hey,
    I’m using kPicasa for a while now and it works really great!
    But now I wanted to use it to show specific albums like this:
    KPICASA_GALLERY(album1, album2, album3)
    But it returns a blank page, without any error message. If I only insert 1 album it works fine, also with unlisted albums or albums from another google-account.
    Is there a limit on the nr of albums to show separate?
    Somebody who knows where to find the problem?

    thanks for your help,

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  • Plugin Author kag


    There shouldn’t be a limit on the number of specific albums. Without an error message, it’s hard to debug.

    Since you don’t see an error, that probably means that it’s logged somewhere else in an error file. I’d check with my webhost, if you can have access to that error log.

    I have the same issue.
    works a charm, but
    KPICASA_GALLERY(album1, album2)
    renders a blank page.

    I check the PHP error logs, but I saw nothing. Any idea where to look?

    These are the three error-messages I could find in the error-log related to my picasa plugins and gallery.
    Hope they are usefull to you kag.
    again thanks for you time,

    [error] [client 'ip-adres'] File does not exist: 'wp-url'/wp-content/plugins/kpicasa-gallery/highslide/highslide-styles-ie6.css, referer: http://website

    [error] [client 'ip-adres'] File does not exist: 'wp-url'/wp-admin/noimg.jpg, referer: http://website-url/wp-admin/plugins.php?page=PluginPicasaEmbed

    [Wed Aug 10 10:52:50 2011] [warn] [client 'ip-adres'] mod_fcgid: stderr: ALERT - script tried to increase memory_limit to 268435456 bytes which is above the allowed value (attacker 'ip-adres', file 'website-url/wp-admin/admin.php', line 109), referer: http://website-url/wp-admin/plugin-editor.php?file=kpicasa-gallery/kpicasa_gallery.php

    actually, after a little bit of investigating, I found out that I only have issues with private albums.
    i.e KPICASA_GALLERY(publicAlbum1, publicAlbum2) works fine
    but KPICASA_GALLERY(limitedAlbum1#key1, limitedAlbum2#key2) shows a blank page.

    But looking at the code, I think I understand that it is not possible to do that. Maybe it would be useful to return an error in that case?

    Well my problem still exists and I don’t use private albums…

    I’m having a similar problem. I have 19 albums listed but only 9 are displayed, and they are all public albums.
    It does seem as if there is a limit.

    if i give KPICASA_GALLERY it shows all of my album but when i give

    KPICASA_GALLERY(Convocation , DeptOfStatistics, TourPicnicEtc)my third album named “Convocation” not show ??? whats the problem.

    Please help me ??

    Plugin Author kag

    (@kag), please make sure you follow the procedure outlined here:

    And make sure the Convocation album is public.

    I found the problem and corrected it using the method below.
    A better description/instruction of using the correct internal album name for specific public albums would be to find the direct link from the right side in Picasa (“Link to this album”), which will look something like this:

    then copy the album name before the question mark and paste it into the parenthesis like this.

    KPICASA_GALLERY(albumname, albumname2)
    Assuming that album is public: It looks as if you have an extra space between “Convocation” and the comma. Try removing that space to see if that fixes your problem.

    Plugin Author kag


    edtheuniquegeek: Spaces won’t cause any problem. In fact, kPicasa Gallery will ignore all spaces.

    But looking at your screenshots, I knew you were not using the internal album names because there were spaces *IN* them.

    It was luck that some of your albums were working:
    – your album “Christmas 2010” was seen as Christmas2010 by kPicasa Gallery, and it worked.

    – your album “Christmas 2009” was seen as Christmas2009 by kPicasa Gallery, but it didn’t work because the actual Picasa internal name was Christmas200902.

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