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  • Hello, I love this plugin by the way !

    I just installed the plugin yesterday and noticed that only half my Mother’s lineage is showing up so far, even though I entered her other half as well as my Father’s parents. I did a quick search in these support forums and did not see a clear answer about this, so anyone’s help will be greatly appreciated.

    It defaults to Primitivo, but when I add my other great grandfather as the root it only shows their lineage and I do not see Primitivo’s lineage. Then I tried to put myself as the root but then it only shows myself and my parents (but not grandparents or great grandparents).

    What do I have to do so that the whole family tree will show up? Your help will be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.

    The family tree could be found

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  • Plugin Author the_arv


    Did you specify the “root” parameter for the tree?

    The tree you will see shows the blood line down from a common ancestor (the root). Then you can select an option to include family members spouses etc..

    It might be that you also need to specify the spouse parameter for some people to get them to show in the tree if they do not have any children.

    Thank you for the reply. Yes I specified the “root” parameter. I guess I wanted to show multiple lineages (ie. all of my great-grandparents instead of the tree just stemming from one). But that’s ok I think I’ll keep your plugin and manually make a separate tree as well.

    How do you include the family members spouses? I selected the Spouse for each individual post but it is not showing up in the “Family Members” page (for instance I see Father, Mother, Children listed but not Spouse). I also see on the Family Members page that “Siblings” is listed but I do not see where I could input that information since there is no field to enter this information on the individual posts. Or are these features only available for the Pro version of the plugin?

    Thanks again for all of your great work. I tried other plugins but favor yours the most.

    Plugin Author the_arv


    I am not really sure I understand what the question is… 🙂

    Siblings are automatically determined as the children of your parents.. so there is no need to specify those.

    Also have a look in the settings panel for the plugin to see if the correct spouse settings are set.

    Please of you explain what you are expecting to see on one of your pages then I will be able to try to understand it..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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