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    Nice plugin but unable to format cells with all the complex and cryptic css.

    Controls need to be in same windows as selected object. When a field is selected, the attributes need to be set in that window, period! Plugin nearly unusable in present format due to all the complex css.

    Need to be able to see columns in containers. Plugin does not show these. These columns need to be able to have their attributes input in a normal window instead of set up in some cryptic code.

    Make it simple AND easy to use, PLEASE. The plugin would be a lot better with these things – Even usable in this case. The plugin can’t be used by me and possibly many other folks, in its present state – Too complex.

    CSS has taken many simple tasks and made them overly complex. Support for plugin insistent on using present method to format its cells instead of an easy GUI where the user fills in the information. The “argument” that css is easy and not cryptic is only for programmers.

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  • Plugin Author codepeople


    Hello @bbhank

    The use of class names or styles to distribute the fields in columns is not a requirement of the plugin. If you don’t want to use the class names (that are not cryptic code, the class names are a very simple and powerful mechanism to format the form), you can use simply container fields.

    Insert a DIV field in the form, select the number of columns through its “Columns” attribute, and then, insert the other fields into this container, as I said is a very simple process.

    Furthermore, if you need more control over the fields distribution you can use the predefined class names (that are the same names used by the most popular libraries available today to format the pages and forms).

    More information in the following post of the plugin’s blog:

    Best regards.



    The control needed is ease of use as stated.

    Again I disagree. CSS code IS cryptic, as is any programming language to most non programmers. This is a matter of MY(Our) interpretation, not yours. You are a programmer, a builder. Of course it’s not cryptic to you. I am the user, the customer. CSS, as well as most programming languages, IS cryptic to ME as well as many others. Understand that most of the world is not programmers (Thank Goodness) and to many of, if not most of us, much of coding/programming, period, is cryptic.

    I was merely asking for things to make it easier for me to use the plugin. You make it evident that this is not something you would like to do. The plugin is only marginally usable for ME, a non-programmer, in its present form. I’m only asking that you get off your high horse and listen. This is about IMPROVING the plugin to where more people can use it more easily. Many of us use WordPress because we DON’T want to see code, OK.

    Looking for something that works for Me.

    Thanks for the fast reply. It does NOT address my issues.

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