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    This plugin seems to be what I’m looking for, but the problem I’m facing is that it loads its javascript file on all pages instead of just the blog posts that have a comment form. It also loads jQuery right above it, which is causing a conflict with the jQuery script I’ve hard-coded into my HTML, which results in two versions of jQuery being loaded.

    So two questions:
    1) Is there a way within functions.php to dequeue anti-spam, then queue it back in only to load on “single/is_single” pages?
    2) Is there any way to remove the jQuery dependency from appearing in the source code?

    I’d prefer to do this without hacking the Anti-Spam source files, in order to future-proof it.

    This page seems to touch on what I’m referring to:


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  • Plugin Author webvitalii


    loads its javascript file on all pages instead of just the blog posts

    I did not managed to load file only on posts and pages. I had some problem with that and I left javascript everywhere.
    IMHO it is not a big problem because file loads only once and other time browser will use the cached file. By the way js-file is very small – about half of the kilobyte.

    Javascript file enqueued in the right way – using wp_enqueue_script().
    And also Anti-spam plugin uses jquery from the core how WordPress core developers recomend to do it.

    Sorry, but I don’t know how to solve your task without hacking the Anti-spam core.

    webvitaly, thanks for following up. I think I’ve figured out a way to remove anti-spam.js from loading on non-post pages. I wanted to run it by you:

    if (!is_single()) {
        remove_action('init', 'antispam_scripts_styles_init');

    I put the above in my functions.php and it seems to do the trick. I know the anti-spam.js is very small, but I’d prefer to remove from pages where it’s not used in order to remove the unnecessary header request to anti-spam.js.

    I am thinking of replacing my Spam Free WordPress with Anti-Spam … nothing wrong with it, but it may no longer be free next time.

    I would use BWP-Minify to load this js in the footer and see if it will work. And use Plugin Organizer (the plugin I think everyone should have before anything) to load it only in posts I want it to.

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    @astrasuite: Anti-spam plugin will always be free.
    And I will support it as long as I can.
    I cannot use word “forever” here because it’s impossible 🙂
    Blocking spam should be free, easy and invisible – it’s the main idea of Anti-spam plugin.

    But even if something will happen you can switch anytime to variety of other free anti-spam plugins. It is open source and users always have options to choose…

    Thanks, Vitaly, will try it out. I agree with you, it should be free.

    I saw your update about cache, so it’s just in time for me, as I cannot have a WordPress site without caching.

    I was modifying Search Google to open the search results in a new tab (target=”_blank”) and I just realized it’s also a plugin by you. Been using it for a long time, the best 🙂

    Ok, just installed, perfect, tested and no problems, even with W3 Total Cache. I then loaded the javascript into the footer using Better WordPress Minify, and still perfect.

    Now to wait if I see any spam that comes in the next few days/weeks …

    Vitaly, I was inspecting the code using Firebug and saw this :

    <span style=”display:inline;”>ye@r</span>

    Is this normal, the year spelled as “ye@r” ?


    Plugin Author webvitalii


    @astrasuite: I’m glad you love “Search by Google” plugin. I hope you will love Anti-spam plugin too. I love them and use all of them 🙂 But if you will have some troubles – I will try to help.

    All plugins, which I made – I made for myself to solve some tasks which I have at the moment. But I think it would be pretty stupid not to share them with everyone.
    Now there are half of the million downloads and I think it is awesome 🙂

    About “ye@r”: this was made intentionally just for not being “year” in case if anti-spam bots will try to parse and analyze it. There are many logical traps in the plugin and it is one of them. It is not paranoia-mode or fun-word-mode, it was made with a reason.
    The word “ye@r” will see only users, who have disabled javascript and who want to submit a comment. But still them can recognize word “ye@r” as a “year”.
    While making and supporting Anti-spam plugin I learn a lot about spam.
    And one thing I can tell for sure – the modern spam is fully automated, clever and evolving pretty fast. Only non-standard complex but simple approach can solve spam problem.

    I was pretty surprised to stop all spam with 150 lines of code 🙂
    Alternatives have thousands lines of code with same efficiency.

    Thanks, Vitaly ! Keep up the great work 🙂

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