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  • Is there a way to only have ONE item selected in each “group”? For example, I have:

    filter by Medium:

    filter by Style:

    filter by Size:

    filter by Price:
    UNDER $100
    $101 TO $300
    $301 TO $500
    $501 TO $700
    $701 TO $1000
    $1001 TO $2000
    $2000 AND UP

    I have it set up using lists and using AND, and it’s working exactly how I want except when I select more than one item from each group…for example, since nothing is ever going to be tagged with the category Small and Xsmall, if someone selects both, there will be no results…is there a way where if someone selects Small and then selects Medium (or anything else in that group), that it deselects Small?? And does this for every group?

    This is how I want it to work – Example site link:
    it only allows for one selection in each group…

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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  • the easiest way to do that is edit checkbox-item.html and change type=”checkbox” to type=”radio”

    Hi, so this is my code to make one of the taxonomy lists show on the page:

    <?php the_widget(‘Taxonomy_Drill_Down_Widget’, array(‘title’ => ”,’mode’ => ‘lists’,’taxonomies’ => array( ‘medium’ ) )); ?>

    If I changed type=”checkbox” to type=”radio” on checkbox-item.html and the mode above to checkboxes, it does only let me select one from each category, however, the user would have to submit every time they selected something, which is not how I want it to work, that’s why I used lists, so when something is clicked it automatically adds it or removes it…if theres a way to do that with the checkboxes option, please let me know…thanks!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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