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  • I checked the page on different browsers, I reinstalled WordPress, I looked through the forums for a similar problem, I turned off all my plugins, all to no avail. I am running WordPress 2.6.5 and when I go to wp-admin/options-reading.php the page stops displaying after the front page options dropdown for selecting a static page. Looking at the HTML source, the rest of the page simply doesn’t load. I’m running a fairly fresh site that has about 900 pages and 1 post. I am stuck and on deadline. I’ve been creating sites with WordPress for over 4 years and have never encountered something like this before. Ever!

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  • I’ll paypal anyone who solves this $20… any takers? I’m really at a total loss here…

    bump for europe!

    Fine. I fixed it myself with such a horrific hack that it makes me blanche just thinking about it.

    What was the hack? The only thing I could see with that page is that it pulls everything from the pages table in the database when it only needs the title.

    Well it would show the data from the pages table in the front page options, but then it would stop and not show anything for the posts page. When I edited the page and removed one of these 2 options, it would show the entire page. But it couldn’t handle showing both at the same time. So as I needed to create a static page, I simply deleted the option for a posts page in options-reading.php. The whole page appeared, I selected the page I wanted to be the home page and as for posts, I will assign them the category “news” or whatever and make a link on the side to all posts in the category news.

    Like I said.. a horrific hack. It seems that WP cannot display 2 lists containing 900 pages each. Or something…

    Odd. Unfortunately I don’t have 900 pages to test this out with. Could be a browser limitation with the pull-downs or a time out returning all the data.

    I didn’t think 900 pages would be such a big deal. But did I really just push WordPress to its limits?? I did test it on multiple browsers and in all cases the HTML just stopped loading right before the second pull down. Is there someone at WordPress world headquarters that I should inform or something?



    This just happened to me when I upgraded to 2.8. My general settings page loads halfway. The code is all there. I upgraded two blogs and this only happened on one. I have no idea what to do. I wouldn’t mind inserting the info into the code somewhere else but I don’t know where that info is stored once you fill it out in the admin page. Can anyone help?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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