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  • Plugin Contributor Tony Warwick


    Hi there,

    May I ask what makes you believe this plugin will only work for US and Canada?

    If it’s because they are the only countries to load by default in the dropdowns, that’s simply because we need a default setting when Event Espresso installs.

    So whilst the default for Event Espresso is to enable US and Canada, you can enable/disable any countries you like within the settings.

    Go to Event Espresso -> General Settings -> Countries.

    Select the country you want to enable and wait briefly for the settings to load.

    Here is an example of what I see when I want to enable Switzerland –

    Notice the first open on the left ‘Country Appears in Dropdown Select Lists’ is set to No, set that to Yes and save the settings (bottom of the page).

    Now set your country within your organization settings address (Event Espresso -> General Settings -> Your Organization) and save, EE is now set up to use the country you selected with the currency settings shown when you enabled the country.

    You can now also disable US and Canada should you wish, again back in Event Espresso -> General Settings -> Countries.

    Select Canada, and set the option I mentioned above to No, then save, repeat for US.

    One thing we don’t have at this time, is ‘states’ for every country so depending on the country you want to use you may need to add the states manually (or remove the state question from the registration form). We do have ‘state packs’ for some countries but not all and they are available here:
    (You install the plugin, activate it and the delete it from the site as it adds the ‘states’ to the database)

    If there is some other feature that prevents Event Espresso from working outside of the US/Canada, please do let me know and I’ll create an issue for the teams to investigate further.

    I see. I edited my review and started to explore plugin functionalities.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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