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  • Hi

    I’m having a problem with my images and text-wrapping. I’ve trawled through the forum here and found a few topics on similar problems, but having tried all the solutions, some didn’t apply and the rest didn’t work.

    I swear this was working fine until last night, and this morning when I went to update the site, the wrapping was all screwed up. I’ve got the CSS code set so the images are floating, inline, and I’ve followed all the advice I could find, with no luck. I’m lost. I need help.

    Site is at

    Problems with images on the pages at the first two links in the menu bar.

    I’m running the site for a candidate in local elections in Ireland, but on a voluntary basis, I’m not getting paid a cent for it, it’s all in my free time. I would really really appreciate any help anyone could give.


    Breandán MacGabhann

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  • Typical, I’m driven to ask and then I realise what the problem must be. Though I think it’s worth putting here what the problem was, in case anyone else had it. What I did this morning was add the Google Calendar plugin. Deactivating that set everything right back to normal.

    What I can’t figure out is how the hell the Google Calendar plugin could cause text wrapping on images to turn off…?

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