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    Hi officethug,

    Can you paste the debug output from the Instant Articles box on the post-view here?

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    Sure, how do I find that? (sorry!)

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    Here is the feed

    The first article is Do You or Someone You Know Suffer From Martyr Syndrome?

    In wordpress, the Debug box says:

    Your article was submitted to Instant Articles successfully
    This post was transformed into an Instant Article with some warnings (toggle debug information)
    No rules defined for <div class=”TT_wrapper”> in the context of InstantArticle
    No rules defined for <div class=”TT_wrapper”> in the context of InstantArticle
    No rules defined for <hr> in the context of InstantArticle

    Hi officethug.

    Our plugin makes use of the Facebook Instant Articles SDK for PHP which contains a Transformer that does all the heavy lifting of converting general markup into valid Instant Articles markup. The way that it knows how to transform source elements into the valid Instant Articles markup is by a set of rules which defines the mapping of how to parse the content of the post/page.

    Our plugin contains Rules which have been pre-defined to satisfy the most common WordPress source markup. Your content may contain elements which are not covered by the packaged ruleset.

    Fortunately, however, you can define your own rule set in the Settings page of the plugin under: Plugin Configuration > Publishing Settings > Custom transformer rules.

    For more information please the Selector Rules section of our Quick Start guide.

    I’m having the same issue – showing just a portion of the content. I checked the debug box and it was transformed with no warnings.

    Hi @officethug. I’ve double checked the article you mentioned and if the only content that is missing is from the Tweet This boxes (I verified that all the other content appears within the Instant Article), then indeed it is occurring because these particular elements in the source markup is not recognized by the Transformer used to generate the Instant Articles markup. Fortunately, you can define your own rules so that it is able to!

    Understanding how Transformer Rules work and how to configure them is complex, so we’ve extended our documentation with a section dedicated to giving clarity on the matter with supporting examples.

    First and foremost, the main description of this plugin contains a high-level overview of the concept behind Transformer Rules. Additionally, supporting information has been added as FAQs and screenshots.

    To go deeper, our main documentation contains examples and reference material for configuring your own Transformer Rules. We hope this would reduce any confusion and the time it takes to get your configuration done.

    Specifically, take a look at the SocialEmbedRule Rule Class since you’ll want to map the markup produced by the Tweet This box (<div class="TT_wrapper">) to the Social Embed component

    @andrew McCauley, if only specific portions of your content isn’t appearing, it’s most likely for the same reason. Check the debug information shown below the editor within WordPress for more information.

    I’ll mark this issue as “Resolved” for now since there should be sufficient resources to get you both started in defining the rules needed to make the transformation of the missing components of your article successful.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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