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Only Admin Can Delete Comments

  • I’ve been using WP since 1.2.X for my personal blog. Today, I installed it at work for multiple authors. Everything went very smoothly, thank you guys. I created an account for myself and set it up to level 9. My boss’ account got moved up to level 8.

    Playing around with the new install, she posted a comment she wanted to delete, but couldn’t find out how. I figured she just wasn’t looking under the right area of the management tab, but when I went there as my level 9 user, clicked on the comments link, I also saw no “delete comment” link that I’m familiar with. As a work-around, I checked the “mass edit mode” link and also saw no delete action. On my personal blog (also running WP 1.5.2), I do see the delete option where expected.

    The only way I could get the delete option for a comment (I do get the delete option for posts from lower-level users) was to log in as the admin user. I’ve searched the options and cannot find an option that should control the ability to delete (or not delete) comments.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?



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  • Can anyone explain why this is happening? I seriously don’t think it’s supposed to be this way, especially when my other install words the way you’d expect.

    What’s the trigger for showing these delete links?


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