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  • I just found and replaced my old testimonials plug-in with this because it looked amazing! And so far I think it is!
    However I am having a small problem. The widget will only show one testimonial and then stop – it goes blank and then after a few seconds will show the link to the testimonial page. But I can’t get it to randomly display testimonials – I do have the widget set to cycle.
    I use the Thesis 1.8.5 theme if that matters at all. And my website is
    If someone can assist me I’d truly appreciate it – thank you!

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  • Make sure all the testimonials are assigned to a category; they are unassigned by default. Then make sure that category is selected in the widget settings.

    The widget shows them in descending post date order, not random.

    Thanks so much for your quick reply! I made categories, assigned them to each testimonial, made sure to click “all” in the widget and it still doesn’t appear to be working. For setting up the categories I just put a name for the category and then for the slug, used the slug for the page of service it represented. Is this correct or is there more info required in this step? Sort of confused.

    I should have done this first, but I just tried it without any categories at all and the widget works that way. At least we can rule that out 🙂

    Your testimonials content has some extra <div>‘s (probably from cutting and pasting) that are preventing the cycle process from hiding/showing the correct <div>. Try editing each testimonial in Text mode and removing those.

    Thanks Chris! So only a handful had the <div>s and I removed them. From the sound of your reply you said “extra” so does that mean that they should have some? If so, where should they be as I removed them all. Also noticed a few had
    < blockquote > and some didn’t so removed those as well.
    I have noticed one change since doing this – it is still only showing one quote but it isn’t fading out and it does say “read more testimonials” underneath it now. So something fixed! Would just like to have them rotate if possible instead of only showing one.
    I sure appreciate all your help. Thank you so much!

    You know I did all this and then when I go to look at the page it still has the blocked quotes and hasn’t changed. Sometimes it seems my site takes a day or two to update for some reason – I cleared the cache on my site and browser – I don’t get that.
    Anyway, when I “viewed page source” on my testimonials page I can see all those < div >s you were talking about. I didn’t see all of those when I went into the testimonials and took them out, just a few as I mentioned above. That is strange?

    Sometimes it seems my site takes a day or two to update for some reason – I cleared the cache on my site and browser – I don’t get that.

    You can always hit CTRL+F5 to force your browser to reload the page regardless of cache. Deactivate any caching plugins while debugging.

    I don’t think the <blockquote>‘s are interfering with the cycle process. They’re really not necessary in this situation. (The sentence above from your previous post is a typical use of <blockquote>.) You can safely remove them and see if that helps.

    Here’s the code for the one testimonial that does appear:

    <li class="widget gc-testimonial-widget" id="gc-testimonial-widget-2">
    	<h3>Client Comments</h3>
    	<div id="tcycle">
    		<div class="testimonial-widget">
    			<div class="content">
    				<p>I would like to share that I have worked with Laura and have had several sessions. Laura was concise and super intuitive in every aspect in her readings with me. <strong>I have experienced positive changes and new growth in my life and found true ...
    			<div class="clear"></div>
    			<div class="client"><span class="name">William</span></div>
    	<div class="clear"></div>
      <p class="gctst-widget-readmore"><a href="">Read More Testimonials »</a></p>

    Let’s try this. In <div class="content">, notice the tags <p> and <strong>? The closing tags </p> and </strong> are missing. They are probably in the testimonial content but have been excluded by the character count setting in the widget. Try setting the character count to 2000 to see if the entire testimonial content including the closing tags appears.

    Or edit the testimonials in text mode as you did before and remove all tags so it’s nothing but text. The added benefit is that all the testimonials on your Client Comments page should look the same.

    Remember, we’re just trying to fix the problem. We can always re-<strong> later.

    Thank you so much Chris. I took out the strong tags and just kept messing around and it now works! Not sure exactly what did it but your encouragement kept me pressing forward. I appreciate you!

    You’re welcome Laura. I’m glad it’s working. It looks great on your site.

    I am a user of your plugin that I find awesome.
    I have the same problem. I want to display testimonials randomly on my sidebar in widget but it does not work it only shows me the last witness and even refreshing the page or page chageant always the same testimony.
    Thank you for your help.


    Please open a new thread on this and be sure to post a link to your site.


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