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  • Just want to tell you guys that I’ve made a new “plugin” which checks and shows the status of your AOL Instant Messenger account and shows it in your blog.

    Basically it tells that “X is currently online/offline”. A very simple and short one but I think many people will find it useful.

    More information here:


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  • I rewrote your plugin to make it more concise, but also to give it a function name which can be called from a template. I’ve turned it into a real activate/deactivate plugin. I’ve shrunk the script down to a single file, as well. You can check out the updated function here:

    Cheers to you, too.

    Cool! This is team work. Thank you for you good work. I’ll put a link to this new script in my blog. 🙂

    Is there any way to modify this plugin so the word “online” links to the AIM program by opening a new message window when someone clicks on it? I’d like someone to be able to click the word “online” and be able to type a message to me. Thanks!

    Surely someone knows how to do this. I tried to edit the code myself, but it only resulted in a parsing error and having to delete the plugin manually. I’ve reinstalled it, but still can’t figure out how to link my online status. If someone proficient in PHP is willing to take a look at the plugin source code linked to a few posts up I would be most grateful. Thanks again!

    I figured it out. Replace everything in parentheses on line 37 with this:
    '<a href="http://aim:goim?screenname=YOURSCREENNAME"><b>online</b></a>.'
    Highlight this post to view the entire code above.

    Hey srhuevos, thanks for hosting the plugin code on your site! zqw’s site gives a 404 error …

    Also, in order to link to your screenname (like chrisfiddes shows), I think you have to register for AIM’s new “Presence” API key ( … it didn’t work for me otherwise.

    Now all someone has to do is intergrate the API key into a plugin and we’re all set 😛

    It worked for me without registering. It even let me check my wife’s account so I assume you can check anyone.


    Ok, here is a real quick hack of the code with the registration key in place. You do have to go register to get the key but it shows the cute little icon and the entire thing is a link to AIM.


    Plugin Name: AIM Online Status
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Displays the status of your AIM account. Insert the function <?php online_status(); ?> into your template file.
    Author: Clay Smith (idea by Jarno Ristaniemi) and Cal Evans <>
    Version: 0.2
    Author URI:

    // This script indicates your online status using the status of your AOL Instant Messenger.
    // Written by Jarno Ristaniemi,
    // You may freely copy, change and redistribute this script if you link to the original source.
    // 2004 (c)

    define(‘DISPLAY_NAME’, ”); // This is the name your visitors will see.
    define(‘ACCOUNT_NAME’, ”); // Write your AOL account name here. If you don’t have one, you may register one: http://ww$
    define(‘OSPATH’, ‘’); // This is the complete path to this file on you$
    if (!isset($_REQUEST[‘line’])) {
    function online_status() {
    $if_offline = OSPATH . ‘?line=off’;
    $if_online = OSPATH . ‘?line=on’;
    $address = ‘’ . ACCOUNT_NAME . ‘?on_url=’ . $if_online . ‘&off_url=’ . $if_offline;

    echo ‘<img src=”’ . AIMKEY .$
    echo “
    } elseif ($_REQUEST[‘line’] == ‘on’) {
    } else {

    nm.. found this updated post:

    You have all done some great work but it appears the orignal plugin link is missing, but perhaps I don’t need the plugin anyway. I have search WP support and many other area for an answer to this but haven’t been able to solve this issue. I am using WP 2.04.

    I am trying to add an AIM and Yahoo Messenger link in a page (not a post and not in link management.) I am able to insert my own custom made image (Rich Text Editor) and then I attempt to make this image clickable by clicking insert / edit link. In the link field, I am adding aim:goim?screenname=MyScreenName . However, each time I save the page the link is re-written to include my blogs default URI as in – I need to be able to pust the screenname of several authors into a page. (One per page – for instance, the about page would have it’s own AIM link to one screenname and the a second page, like an about2 page would have another author’s AIM link.

    I am using the kubrick theme modified with my own custome graphics so I know the backend is fine so is there a place that I need to modify code in order to allow aim to NOT be prefaced my the default blog URI? I did also try to modify the html by hand as I do with non WP pages but no lucj there either. WP still defaults to adding the blog URI before the aim:goim?screenname=MyScreenName . This of course causes a 404 error because the link is trying to open a page on my domain that doesn’t exist.

    Thanks for any advice.


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