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  • incredipete


    I recently finished setting up an online radio station for a client using WordPress. It offers streaming audio in multiple formats, a members only podcast on-demand section and a members only webcam. It also uses a featured content slideshow on the home page to announce new features and programming info, a chat room, and a discussion forum.

    I’ve put in a guest user so you can look at the members section (it will only be there for today) username guest, password 12345.

    It’s one of my first WordPress sites I’ve done, so I’d appreciate feedback, suggestions, and comments. Thanks!

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  • incredipete


    Crap, forgot the link! DUh!

    I should also give a shout out to Judd at – he wrote me a couple of great plugins for the site. The best one is for the Pages – it allows the comments to show as a link instead of just showing them all by default. One of the things I hate about WP.



    Damn Man.. cant believe there aren’t comments yet about your fantastic site. I was pretty blown away and as of right this minute I am still Listening to BlackSkyRadio.. The whole look of the site is artistic and tight in my opinion. Great concept. Great graphics, Love the eye candy too.

    Richard Gaspa


    incredipete, Is there an email address I could chat with you direct. I would like to take to you about a the Black Sky Radio website that you wrote. I am very much interrested in a site like that


    Yo Dude – I would ditch that welcome page. Otherwise a sweet site!

    hi incredipete can you say me same tips for put a online radio in my wordpress? my mail thz alot

    firstly, as camcarpenter said, get rid of that welcome page, not many will go beyond that… next, try removing the ads on the left, it looks off topic ads and the ads banner does not match the site colors at all, also try to get a few items off the twitter feed on the sidebar, it is making your front page scroll a little.

    I don’t like black background themes, they hurt my eyes however a black background suits to sites like these, so perhaps i should not suggest to get a white background theme. Site loading is slow, i tried to navigate but the pages opened very slowly.

    over all, loads of features, best of luck with your blog 🙂


    I would really love to know how you did the “now playing” function with the “buy at Amazon” link. Also is it an affiliate link so the radio station makes money with each purchase?

    Thanks for any advice you can give

    Don’t like the “click here to enter” type page or advertising, but love the website. I love all the features especially the media player. Would love it if you would post what add-ons you used.

    Dear incredipete
    It’s a really fun and entertainment site, you are introduced a new look syle radio site.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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