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    I have photo studio website and for customers we have photo proofing script. It was custom script not integrated with my general wordpress page, but now I’m looking for some way to integrate this functionality with general gallery.
    For my gallery I’m using robogallery plugin, so my question is: What is most correct way to implement such functionality for the general gallery section ? I can provide link to the my proofing section or screenshots. Maybe I can integrate someway my script to the gallery addons?

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    Unfortunately this functionality not implemented in our gallery yet, but we’re planning to implement such add-on for photo proofing in our gallery in close future.
    We gonna have robo gallery version 3 published in short time there will be included alot of new features like new gallery sources like youtube or instagram, new media manager watermarks, proofing, new gallery views, hovers and lightboxes. Please follow us to stay up to date.
    Thank you!

    Hello Robosoft,

    Please let us know when version 3 is released.

    Thanks a bunch.

    Plugin Author robosoft


    We’re really close to the release. Release of the robo gallery version 3 will be split for a few stages. First release which gonna switch to new platform with new gallery wizard will be published in the next few weeks.
    For the first stage release we’ll include new gallery types: gallery grid, polaroid gallery, masonry gallery, mosaic gallery, youtube gallery, wall style gallery. All this types will have around 50+ pre-configured gallery layouts.
    So you’ll be able to create gallery with some pre-configured design and layout in one click.
    Another absolutely new module it’s advanced youtube gallery mode. In new gallery Youtube gallery could be created in few simple clicks from youtube playlist or youtube channel. One important step it’s specify your youtube API key in gallery settings. After that configuration of the youtube gallery will take few simple steps.

    Preview of the new wizard, screenshot: http://prntscr.com/uici28

    This is description of the first step of the version 3 release. Few have five next steps with additional functionality. Some of this features on the middle of the development process, some close to the testing. In any case we have plans to release a lot of new gallery features in the next few months.

    There will be included import of the content from different social networks and public resources like instagram, pinterest, flickr, dropbox, google drive and more. We’re so excited and happy to announce this changes. Please keep eye on our releases.

    That’s a great news, cool! Looks impressive.

    I’m really interested in new sources: instagram, pinterest, flickr. I have such requirements for my pages, but right now I should use some alternative solutions or additional scripts to accomplish such tasks.

    Would be nice to have all this tools in single gallery. I’ll wait for this release.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Please consider adding FaceBook and Twitter posts too .

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    Yes, we have such plan. If you have some special requirement for the facebook and twitter integrations please share it. It’s gonna be really helpful.
    Thank you!

    For a facebook and twitter integrations. Right now I’m using additional custom scripts from my theme developer for the twitter and facebook integrations.
    If it’s gonna be integrated to the gallery it’s gonna be really cool.

    I’ve asked for the same function in another post. Photo proofing very important function also If you consider another gallery sources please add Pinterest and instagram gallery view.



    I’m also interested in such function. This is really required function for my galleries. Right now I’m using this gallery and external custom proofing php script.

    Maybe it’s not the best solution, but for now it’s working.

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