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  • Can WordPress be used to either host or to send out letters (as in letters of citizen support for this or that) or to host petitions which can collect names?

    I hope mine isn’t a completely stupid question, but I’m hearing from more and more people who say that WordPress blogs are one of the best ways to have content I thought I’d give this question a shot.

    thank you for any words…


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  • Host letters easy. Send out … Depends on to whom. And hosting petitions probably. I’m sure there’s a plugin for it 🙂 We have one for bee keeping. Google “WordPress petition plugin”

    how can I learn about implementing the letter hosting and sending?

    thank you!


    You have to think about what you want.

    Figure out HOW you want people to submit letters. Do you want them to email you, or fill in a form on your site? If it’s a form, why not use a form plugin?

    Sending, again, depends on where you’re sending stuff. Is there already a method in place for your destination? Can you leverage that? Is it just email?

    ETA – No one is going to do your homework for you 🙂 You have to start with defining what it is you NEED, and learning what that really is. Yes, it’s a big hurdle, but the first one is always the biggest. Once you’ve done it, this will all become easier. Alas, we cannot make the easier first, unless someone else does it for you, and really then you don’t learn 🙂

    the idea would be we’d start them off with a letter already written. They could add to it or edit if they choose, but there’d be a list of words which, if included would ask the User to try again, this time without the problem words.

    Then, they could Send to City counsel, mayor, etc.

    Is that a good enough definition?

    thank you for your help!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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