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  • The design looks great IMO. Simple, elegant, easy to read. Maybe the font size on the main content is a bit small, but that’s just my taste. It seems like resolutions are getting bigger and fonts are getting smaller. I’d like to see you try a bigger font (just for the main content, the rest of the font is fine).

    The sections look a bit empty (for the record, album reviews, etc), because of all the white space. Maybe if you could do something about that (maybe a picture or two) it’d look a bit more meaty.

    Love ya banner. It’s a nice, sparse design. I reckon well done.

    Thank you for your comments 🙂

    Keep the feedback coming!

    By the way, I would like to thank moshu for the help with re-using the old database, and, for the helpful article on creating your own WordPress theme.

    I’d also like to thank davidchait for the CG-FlashyTitles plugin.

    Looks good! 🙂


    Agree with wyrd33 though. I’m not sure where to focus on the page and I think if the post/story text were stronger/larger it might help.

    really nice

    Nice design. Maybe you should change the Articles and Comments RSS links. They don’t work for me.

    flawless! Great design, although I agree with wyrd33 concerning the white spaces and the fonts.

    Hey, guys.

    Thanks a lot for your comments. Really appreciate it.

    iwanknapen: I’ve added the correct tags in the footer so it should work. There haven’t been any updates to the site since I posted the link here, so maybe that’s why you aren’t getting any feeds?

    Keep the comments coming! And again, thank you 🙂

    Actually, the feed links current read feed:

    Should I change that to just http :// ?

    (That space between http and : is intentional, in order to prevent it from being converted into a hyperlink.)



    RSS feeds are working now 🙂



    Looks awesome.

    Maybe needs a bit of color.. ?



    Looks all good, I’d only say that the Recent Articles section is a bit wide compared to the main article, which I assume, you’d want more attention for?



    Hey, UFB. Thanks for the feedback. I’m quite happy with the way the recent articles column compares to the main article 🙂 Thanks, though.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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