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Online magazine for entertainment news

  • Hey everyone, we recently relaunched our online magazine using a pretty neat custom template using both AJAX, a bit of Javascript, lots of HTML and CSS.

    I’ve been experimenting with WordPress themes for approximately a year plus and have learned a lot through my development including compression of HTML, CSS towards the traditional SEO works.

    I wanted to showcase this website as an example for what a constant development of a website is like. We constantly change colors, radius shapes, positions, and font family to test out the bounce rate and the LTV (life time value) of a user. Overall, the current design is our best yet.

    We are powered by WordPress, hosted on Ubiquity Servers (http://www.ubiquityservers.com/) backed up with CDN from NetDNA aka MaxCDN (http://www.maxcdn.com/) using fonts from Typekit (http://typekit.com/) and code by EMOTIONstudios (http://www.emotionstudios.net/).

    Some unique stuff about this theme.

  • Homepage filter tool
  • Homepage “load more” button
  • Category labels
  • Archive
  • Here is a bit information about our site:

    Bloginity.com focuses on entertainment news content and is updated between 50 and 75 times daily. This content covers a wide range of entertainment while focusing on the hottest trends and breaking news.

    Bloginity covers anything in the following categories – entertainment news, video premieres, music news and reviews, arts and culture updates, fashion, celebrity news, and exclusive interviews with entertainers in all mediums and genre.

    Here is a direct link: http://www.bloginity.com.

    You guys let me know what you think, any questions I’m here to help.

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