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  • I’m gonna throw this out there and see where it goes. What I’m envisioning is a single WP installation and when a post is writen, depending on what Category the post is filed under it is published on separate domains. ie, I have a domain that is more “personal” and for family use and a domain that is more “professional”. If I write a post and check it in the Professional category, I’d like it to be published on my professional blog. But say it blurs the line and maybe I’d like the same post to be published on BOTH domains, I’d like to be able to check both categories and have the post published on both blogs.

    Is something like this possible?

    Thanks in advance for the ideas and recommendations.

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  • Bumping this because this is the exact question I was about to ask. Would anyone have any suggestions?

    One approach would be to just split our posts into two different categories (“personal” and “professional“) and then hand out the relevant category link (““). But I’m left with questions on how to make that more presentable:

    1. Can each category be presented as their own domain or subdomain, so that “” maps seamlessly into ““?
    2. Could each view have its own theme defined, or unique theme settings?

    To provide an update:

    Simply splitting posts into two categories has the problem of offering extremely little control over the display of the content. There’s no concept of a front page for a specific category, and most themes don’t display category views all that interestingly since it’s not a primary vector for reading a site.

    So I’m still left chasing a good, elegant solution for presenting both my professional and personal details without having to maintain totally separate blogs.

    Any thoughts?

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