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    I have a client with one large company, but many many locations throughout the country. They are requesting a single login for all locations, but each location would be buying a variety of different products.

    Is there a solution where only one username and password can be used to create multiple unique shopping carts?

    The need to try and keep track of multiple usernames and passwords in the company is too big a hassle to deal with and they’re willing to find a solution to make this work.

    I could not find an existing plugin, however, I could build something with help on how to achieve this.

    Thank you

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  • Hi @stickypod

    I’ve searched around but did not find a readily available plugin that offers the functionality of having only one username and password to be used to create multiple unique shopping carts. However, the following plugins seem to match the requirements to some extent though not fully. Please be aware that these are third party plugins and have not been tested by us.

    You can have a look in the WordPress plugins directory and the WooCommerce.com extensions to see if you can find a suitable plugin that will fit your needs. Alternatively, you can have it custom-coded, and for that we recommend contacting the services on our customizations page: https://woocommerce.com/customizations/.

    On a side note, having only one username and password to be used by several users from many different locations could also lead to security issues.


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    Thank you @margaretwporg! I reviewed the plugins and neither will work.

    A fast way to implement this would be to change up session cookies to include both time and location within each cookie. The location could be pulled from the shipping address because the billing address would be the same for all. So the need to save multiple shipping addresses would be required.

    I’m oversimplifying this solution but that would go a long way to making Woocommerce a significantly better solution for big business.

    While I understand the security concerns, these are companies that are not concerned with mistakes or a disgruntled employee trying to damage the company. Orders are immediately emailed to managers that are sitting in the warehouses. The IP address of each warehouse can be used to restrict login to each location. This could be implemented in Woocommerce, or at the server level.

    Implementing these features in core would boost Woocommerce for big business. My client is the top HVAC manufacturer in the U.S. and there are no solutions, from any e-commerce provider.

    The best way to build Woocommerce is to build it for big business, and allow small business to activate/deactivate as they require.

    Hi @stickypod

    Thanks for your response.

    We really appreciate your feedback and thoughts about this issue/situation.

    I’d suggest re-making this post over at our idea board and add your vote(s) to it. The more popular an idea becomes, the more of a priority it is for our developers to review it. This board is where our community can share their feedback or requests for change to any of our plugins or services: https://ideas.woocommerce.com/forums/133476-woocommerce

    Please let us know if you have any questions!


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    Thank you @margaretwporg!

    No one in the community is going to upvote big business solutions. They will, however, benefit tremendously from the massive influx of Woocommerce revenues that allow for better support and more robust solutions. Even small companies can have multiple locations, but no way to manage purchases through one user.

    Here’s my suggestion, engineer Woocommerce to be successful for everyone that wants to sell online, especially big business!

    This is done by offering a “pro” version of Woocommerce that established companies pay $999 per year to get and keep it up to date.

    Companies like my client make a $1000 a minute, they don’t care about an annual fee of $999.

    They do understand that they could be making $10,000 dollars a minute with the right e-commerce solution, but that solution doesn’t exist.

    Please send this suggestion to Paul Maiorana.

    Hi @stickypod

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We do understand your point.

    Still, you may consider posting this suggestion on the ideas board if you find a moment.

    I’ll mark this thread as closed as there isn’t anything further we can help you with right at the moment.

    Feel free to create another topic for any other questions you may have about core WooCommerce.


    Hi @stickypod

    Our team came across a plugin that we felt may work for you:
    Roles and Permissions for WooCommerce

    You can go through its documentation here:

    For any pre-sales questions related to this marketplace plugin, you can create a ticket here. You’d need to log into your WooCommerce account before you can access that page, or create an account if you do not have one. Just so you know, in the WooCommerce.com marketplace we offer a 30-day refund policy so you can test the extension and make sure it works for you.

    We hope you find this helpful!


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