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  • My primary annoyance with WordPress at a platform/tool is the insistence on absolute URLs everywhere (ie. instead of /path).

    Can someone explain this to me? It has only ever cause issues for me. Is there any way to stop it?

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    In which circumstance do you need to use the domain name within the URL path?

    I rarely need to use it, hence why having it there has never been useful. When I do notice it is when I change a domain, or otherwise.

    To rephrase: it’s never been helpful to me.

    This has been widely debated and discussed, here and elsewhere…

    Here’s one:

    This article is a bit unfortunate as it complete segments the issue. I am not asking for calculation of minimum relative urls like they referenced, (eg: ../contact) or similar. I’m just saying leave out the domain.

    Let me rephrase: absolute paths are fine. Absolute URls have no benefit.

    WordPress can do canonical 301 redirects without throwing the domain on every single resource in a page.

    I have a site with about 80 occurrences of “http://domain.tld” on every page.

    Just to restate the issue. Why not absolute paths instead of absolute URLs? Why does the HTML need full URLs for internal links?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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