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  • Hi. I´m really a newbie in WordPress. I´m a user of ExpressionEngine, but i confess with i´m excited with the new publishing system & user interface of WordPress 2.x. (i just see a old version, a year ago 🙁 )So, congratulations for the designer´s team. The usuability it´s magnific!!!

    I just have one question:

    In EE i can create a different blog, with different layout/theme and use the same database data.

    It´s possible i have 2 “sites” with different layouts using the same database? I say this because i have a client with have 2 “sites” in the same domain.

    Today, the site one is:


    This 2 directories use different layouts, but the same database. This is a imposition of my client, because he has 2 domains with different redirectors, one for each directory. So this “double” sites will have the same content and categories, but the style will be different.

    Its possible make this with wordPress?

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  • You could check out the ever elusive WordPress MU

    Or, you could very simply install a second (or third or fourth) copy of WordPress and use the same db by changing the prefix for each subsequent installation.

    Very simple solution, and offers a great deal of independence to the other users.

    To bring them all together, you can create a page, and pull in the RSS feeds from each site.

    Not a totally all put together out of the box solution, but it’s been working for me for a long time under various situations.

    FYI: this is the most popular request for WordPress in the few years I’ve been around here (Multi User Blog) a google search will produce everything from interesting and different ways to accomplish this using WordPress, to snippy remarks from people who are fed up with the request.

    The very best thing about WordPress (in my loud mouthed opinion) is the basic flexibility of the application. Anyone willing to look into it, ask questions, learn some code and try it out will soon become thrilled and madly in love with it (like me.)

    I dont need independence of the two blogs. Just the design. The content and database will be the sam. But the idea of make a php/html page and insert the RSS in, its very good, so i can crete the contente in the official site and “replicate” the content in the RSS site….

    My problem is because the client have 2 domains, a old & a new. And he has a long ad contract with both. But is a newspaper site and we need a soluction for “one publish fits all” 😉

    Thanks for the ideas and fast response…

    i am familiar with EE .. we use it for our church website ( – however I use WP for my cleints .. seems a little easier for them and there are way more themes out there ready-to-use than with EE …

    but i would think that EE would be your ticket and not WP …

    if you want, i can refer you to the compnay that did out site for use .. obviously, she did not do the design .. that is my work … but she did accomplish the task of converting my ideas over into EE ..


    Yeah ! I now about the power of EE. The problem is the EE interface…a little confuse for novice users. If i can insert and manage images and audio files like this new WordPress in ExpressionEngine, the world will be perfect !!! 😉

    Bharrabhaz … that would be the perfect and ideal thing … for sure ..

    I hope someone more knowledgeable than I will be able to help you.


    i think you can use a bunch of conditional comments in your header…you can have an entire other style sheet in there for IE users to see…nobody will ever know the differenc…im considering it right now becuase my site is so perfect in FF but drivin me nuts in IE…figure I’d just do up a seperate IE css.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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