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    Can you please add a toggle link which display comment parent which are by default hidden ? All comments with parent doesn’t necessary need that their are read before child comment comprehension. So displaying Parent Comment directly may break UX. Anyway good work.

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  • Plugin Author Stephen Cronin


    Hi Blair,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Although I’m not sure I understand. It should only show the first line of the parent comment and then a toggle to show more (as you can see on the screenshots page).

    Are you saying it would be better not to even show the first line? Ie show nothing at all (rather than the first line), but just have a toggle to show the parent comment?

    Or is it not hiding the parent comments for you, ie just showing the first line? Perhaps there is some conflict with the JavaScript used to hide the parent, in which case the whole comment would show. If that’s the case, let me know and we’ll see if we can work out what’s going on!


    Thread Starter Blair jersyer


    Sorry, since i’m a french guy, it’s not always easy to speak ’bout what i got in mind.

    About the suggestion, i was saying that, Parent Comment should be (by default) wrapped, collapsed, or hidden. Only when user need to read what has been said before, he can display parent comment.

    This measure will keep comment flow, acceptable.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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