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  • Hello to all
    I’m trying to help a friend running WP 2.1.3 to upgrade his installation to the most current release. He tells me that some of the search widgets and plugins that his now-departed webmaster installed were heavily customised as well to suit his needs. I don’t want to storm in like the SAS and overwrite his important stuff but he really would like to upgrade. Please may I have a short sharp tip list about the upgrade, the safest method to do it and how best to keep his plug-ins intact.
    Many thanks
    Andrew Walker

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  • Alternatively, a simple way to create a brand new front end and attach it to the existing database might be just as good or better. I’ve only been WPing two weeks, so all tips welcome even if it’s a ‘Read this post, ya idjit’ suggestion

    Oh great … spam instead of help. Well, f**k you and the horse you rode in on, compadre, and I hope your STD (galloping knobrot) flares up again

    Upgrading (assuming you follow the instructions) won’t overwrite his plugins or his theme but it might break them. If, for example, a plugin or a theme uses a function that no longer exists or that has been altered then it will break either dramatically, giving you an error, or subtly giving you results you don’t want. The former is a lot easier to find and fix. Hope for that one. 🙂

    You also need to worry about core edits– meaning edits to the core WP files. These will be overwritten. To maintain the functionality you’ll need to recreate the edits in each and every new set of files. I don’t know if your friend’s site has any core edits or not but its possible especially in the case of the widgets. Some widgets ship with WP– text widget, basic search widget, the meta login widget, and some others. Editing those counts as a core edit in that they reside in files that will be overwritten with each update.

    Creating a new ‘front’ won’t solve your problem. The front is just a theme which is small component dependent upon the rest of the system and the rest of the system is what need to be updated. Plus, your database needs to be updated. Significant changes have been made to it since 2.1.

    You are also going to need to upgrade incrementally– 2.2->2.3->2.4 and so on– or your are likely to encounter problems. Don’t try to jump all the way to 2.8.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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