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  • Welcome to the OS Tango, the waltz of the WordPress community. This is the way how people with little UX knowledge dictate the way of the masses.

    I personally felt intimidated by the way that wordpress develops. Having worked with WP since the early beginning, I felt that there was a need to get more flexible as WP has evolved to a dinosaur in the OS world. But on the other hand there are so many ways to improve WP by using other wysiwyg editors that really look nice as well and you do not have to put them on your roaster if you dont want to.

    Sometimes its better to keep things simple. Design should be a templating thing and content a content thing. With this, I am getting confused. I run a shop and have a need for a lot of good written articles. But to be honest, nobody of my associated writers likes to use this – as it is more of a hassle then a gimmick. and to top it all: We have to install an other plugin, just to get rid of this disgrace, loading even more bulk on the backend of wp, as if it wasn t bloated enough already.

    PLEASE ROLL BACK. or at least don t make this mandatory for everybody.

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  • Hi, thanks for the feedback. What are the UX issues that you’ve encountered, or the things that using it a hassle for the writers on your team?



    Ian, have you actually tried putting together a blog post in Gutenberg? It’s the most frustrating experience ever. For me, my wife, clients, everyone I’ve talked to.



    I’ll give you one example (OF MANY) which may seem trivial but is just annoying. The h1 in the editor is now styled like it is on the front end. Since we have a site with uppercase styling for h1, it forces uppercase. Of course CSS is something that isn’t permanent so what if we want to remove uppercase CSS in the future? Well when you’re typing in the H1 you cant tell if you accidentally make an extra letter uppercase or not, because they’re all forced uppercase. So the only way to ensure that you get the h1 typed properly is to do it somewhere else and paste it into the header field. Stupid.



    Ian, I used to like working with page builders, since they were giving me a lot of the design freedom, wordpress couldn t ever give me natively. And when it came to blog posts, well… it was already really self explanatory. But now, – I feel like someone who has to use WinXP because there was a mandatory downgrade.

    There are so many things that I would improve, if I could improve WP, stuff like unneccessary dinosaur relicts from the past like xmlrpc, emoji or wlwmanifest. but yet, some people had to come up with this…
    I already hated it, when I just installed it as a plugin. I de-installed it five minutes later as I really did not see a benefit in it.
    Can’t you devs just focus on really important things like how to make better SEO or possibly make WP even more secure or even light weight, faster and less bulky? That would relieve me so badly.
    Kind regards

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