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  • This should act as a case study for the Automatic.
    Evolution is not necessarily a radical change in the way the users works. Because the creators had time to try and get used to it, it does not mean that users have the same amount of time and resources.

    This plugin has two main problems:

    (1) Compatibility issues with existing installations and
    (2) Usage problems for new ones.

    For the first, OK, may be worth one or one and a half rating stars.
    For the second, with great pleasure I give him a BIG ZERO !!

    Really useless! If it had been made by anyone else, not FROM the creators of the WORDPRESS, it would have been abolished already.

    Kindly, I urge the Automatic to change their mind and stop it.
    No one will be sad….

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  • I already mentioned that users don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to do something they already knew how to do. The reply was a link to the documentation. Users shouldn’t have to come here, or read up on something they’ve been doing for years.



    Exactly. This resembles Windows 8.0 perfectly.

    But given that WP is free and thus there isn’t any financial incentive to do what MS has done in post 8.0 versions, WP will just stick to their guns. Period.

    Good luck!

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