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  • Apologize if this has been covered. Any time that I save and continue editing, I get a single ASCII square at the end of my post. This often corrupts my RSS feed.

    Any ideas of what could be causing this? v1.5 was ok – I have no plugins…

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  • You’re not copy n pasting from a MS product like word, wordpad or notepad, are you?

    No, in fact this is now happening to just about anyone posting on a blog residing on my server. This is using the editor directly, and occasionally, i can only get rid of it by editing the HTML directly. Either way, what I see is a square, always at the end….

    I should note that the square is seen both in the editor and out front, on the entry.

    Here it is – the pos — Š — Everybody get him!

    Ah, apparently the charset you’re using doesn’t have that character, huh?

    Have what? A carriage return?

    Over 40 blogs reside on this server which worked just fine until the WP2 upgrade. Every other app works fine, also.

    I have to lean toward my server config being ok – wouldn’t you?

    This character is always at the end of any post, from any browser. If it only appeared on the front-end, I’d be looking at the character set in my WordPress config, but this is seen in the editor, as well.

    Any other ideas?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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