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  • I’ve just installed WP 2 and I really like the new admin panel. The new WYSIWYG interface is nice, but i noticed that in WP 2 writing area every time i press Enter, it gives a new paragraph as opposed to a simple line break in WP 1.5. I find it very unconvenient. I know you can edit it with the html tab, but it’s rather tedious when you have a long list and i don’t them to appear as an unordered list. Is there a way to twick the code to have the enter be a line break instead of a paragraph?

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  • try pressing “shift-enter” instead?

    I think I read it somewhere in a thread that that gives a link break if I’m not wrong.. 🙂

    *smack head* Alright, sorry for the stupid question. Thanks a lot. =)

    It’s not a “stupid question”. There’s nothing particularly intuitive about shift-enter….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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