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  1. Monstamash
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I have been setting up 3 new websites using wordpress multisite feature for the first time. For info, they are:

    http://www.tec-survey.co.uk (www.tecsource-eecs.co.uk/survey)
    http://www.tec-source.co.uk (www.tecsource-eecs.co.uk/source)

    I set up the three sites first without any domain mapping and everything was good. I mapped over the tec-survey.co.uk domain; no problems.

    A couple of days ago I updated wordpress to 3.4.2 and also mapped the final domain, tec-source.co.uk across ready to launch the new sites. Im not sure if it was updating to 3.4.2 or the final mapping, but since then the tec-survey.co.uk website will not display any content apart from the home page. Any pages created will be added to menu bar as normal, link shows ok, but the content is always from home page.

    Does anyone have any ideas?? I could really use some help as the sites are now live! Much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

  2. Monstamash
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Very strange. I dont know why, but I went to settings->permalinks on the troublesome site; didn't change anything, but hit save anyway and it seems to have repaired the problem!

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