One site is copying all my posts automatically with a robot plugin (3 posts)

  1. sai krishna
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hello to all,
    http://www.techhatworld.com/ is using plugins like wp-robot,wp-turbo,wpspin .
    Those plugins are automatically copying my content from my feed and publishing it on that blog ..

    i already contacted that site owner, but he was not replying to my mail ..
    now how to solve my problem ? how to block that bots from my site ?

    any way to report about that site ?

  2. Find their IP and block it via .htaccess.

    Or contact their host and complain.

  3. ncbateman
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Welcome to the internet sir, the black hats lurk in the shadows. Unique content is very valuable, put it on the internet and people will borrow it. not really much you can do past Google author tags.

    - Nick

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