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  • I have a network with 10 sites in it, and I am suddenly experiencing a strange problem with one of the sites. Unfortunately I just randomly noticed the issue so it’s hard to pinpoint when it started or what might have triggered it. I deleted two other sites from the network about a week ago and did not notice it then, so it’s possible they are related but I don’t know.

    In my dropdown list of sites, the problem site has a space but the title is blank (see screenshot:

    On My Sites, it is listed with its URL, but it has moved up to the top position even though it was originally down lower, and trying to access the dashboard takes me to my main site dashboard instead (see screenshot:

    Trying to access the front end of the site gives me a database connection error.

    When I click edit site, the http is missing from the URL (see screenshot: but when I add it manually and try to save it, it will not save the changes and reverts back to just :// as pictured.

    Does anyone know what might have caused this issue and how to fix it?

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  • After reading this Topic, I was hoping someone a little more ‘well versed’ in multisites would have picked this one up.

    I’ve experienced this problem once some time back and remember having to go into the database but can’t remember how or what table but I was able to recover the broken site by fixing some entry in the database itself.

    It was on my very first multisite and I wound up having to do so twice though for that one broken site…

    The only thing I remember is each site had a number associated with it in the database and that site was listed somewhere by that number in a table but the name and possibly something else was gone.

    I had to do it twice as the same problem cropped up again… It was back when we had to use the domain mapper plugin and, when it broke the second time, I fixed it then exported the whole site.

    I then created a new site there, imported the exported data with images and then mapped my domain name to that new site.

    Once I had that new site running I removed the old, broken site to avoid any confusion as it showed in the drop-down twice. I may have had to change the name temporarily also.

    I noticed you have NS Cloner installed according to the first image you provided.

    I’m hoping you have a single backup on just that one page from when it was working that you might try creating a new, replacement page in your network then restore just that one backup.

    Barring that, I’m hoping you might try cloning that site via NS Cloner and cloning it to a new site on your multisite and fix that mapping.

    Since you have NS Cloner I’d urge you to reach out to someone on that plugin’s support forum to try to help you clone and restore that site if you need to resort to that.

    Also, you may find some paid help over at if you can’t resolve this yourself after considering what little help I’ve been able to offer.

    If you do have more questions then reply back… maybe someone else here can help you further or maybe I’ll remember something else.

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    Thanks for your insight! I will look into finding the title/url in the database directly to see if I can get the changes to stick. I am fortunate in that the site is for an event that has passed, and salvaging it versus just cloning a good site would save me negligible work. However, as our business has moved entirely online, losing some of the other sites would be more catastrophic.

    I am hoping someone has insight as to the root cause, because I’m worried about inadvertently corrupting another site if I don’t know.

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    UPDATE: my concern was valid because between yesterday and today the problem spread to a second site in the network. The only updates made to sites in the network during that time were some very simple text/image changes to the main site, so now I’m more convinced it wasn’t as a result of a manual action anyone on my team took.

    Turns out that on top of the corrupt site issue my automatic database backups were failing. So I contacted my server admin for that issue, and he discovered the wp_options tables for the two corrupt sites had crashed. He ran a repair on those tables via phpMyAdmin to get the backups running again, and the repair also brought my corrupt sites back without any visible data loss.

    The process in phpMyAdmin that he verbally described to me was to check the boxes for tables designated as “in use,” then table maintenance > repair table.

    I hesitate to call this resolved because he was not able to tell me what caused the partial crash or how to prevent it, just how to run a standard repair if it happens again. Would still love to get that info if anyone has experience with it.

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