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  • My problem requires a little introduction.

    I started my wordpress website a long time ago and let’s assume it had a ‘’ address. I had (still have) a few pages (about, contact, gallery etc.) and a blog. The blog turned out to become quite popular and informative. Currently 90% of my blog articles are on google’s top 10. I am using friendly links so a typical blog link is ‘’. Neat, isn’t it?


    I am entirely changing my interests so I need to reorganize my website. It will have new pages and no blog. BUT I do not want to discard all those years of writing and nice articles so I need to keep the blog entries and make them browsable, but not visible from the ‘new’ site.

    In other words if someone enters my website from a blog entry ( there has to be a way to browse other blog entries.

    But if someone types the main URL ( there have to be the basic pages like home, about, photos, contact, but no BLOG page.

    Migrating the wordpress install to a subdirectory seems a bad idea because the URL will change and my articles will disappear from google.

    Creating my new website in a subdirectory (like: will look amateur and many people will be tempted to type only the domain name only to discover the old site…

    So I am kind of lost… Please help me…

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  • All you need to do is keep the blog posts where the are, and re-work your navigation menu to remove them from the menu. That way everything stays where it is, but isn’t referenced from the site.

    One thing to remember is that if your site doesn’t link to the pages, then they will shlowly drop off the results list as Google will see that the pages aren’t important enough for you to be linking to.

    You’d probably need a multisite.

    I don’t think that multi site is a good idea for this. That just adds another layer of complexity that really doesn’t need to be there. The OP doesn’t want tow blogs, or to move anything, just to not have the current posts being displayed in the sites menus any more.

    If they need to be available there’s always the option of modifying the theme to add in another menu or sidebar that will be shown on the old blog section only.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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