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    Hi everyone, im new to wordpress and ive managed to set up my own theme, and have everything running fine until now.

    I have my main page divided in two. On the upper part I want to display a single-post from one category, and on the lower part of my page, I want to display x number of posts from other category, but with a different style. All on the same index page. Is this possible? If it where possible, could anyone help me with some little detail?

    I know it can be done with conditioning, but I dont know where to start!

    I’ve been reading around the forum and most of the time, someone tosses a link to the Template Category url, and I quite dont get it there.


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  • Ok, ive managed to give different styles to posts from different categories, looking on to this:

    You have to put that code into the loop, and then you just need to edit the css to match the ids 😀

    Now im only missing the first part of my question!

    Perhaps Pages (not posts) or use ugly permalinks for the first one. More ugly loop stuff. Are you sure you really want to do that? It kind of makes my skin crawl to special case things. Not that I haven’t but it bites back on every upgrade.

    hehe, yeah i need to do it because of the layout im using, check it out tell me what you think! I need to know how to call posts from specific categories and position them on strategic places :S

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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