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    Sorry for my bad english. I know this is a beta version, but i really like it.
    I want to use it for a website for my autistic son and his friends.
    I have downloaded the plugins.
    As admin i can play but when i log in as an author there is a message that there is nothing.
    Is there something in the code that it is only for admin to play/test?
    Also i am not using cubepoints but wordpoints. Is it possible that i integrate that with the bank?
    I hope you can explain. I am not a hero with php, i am just trying to understand it.
    Is ther also something like a language file?
    Thanks so far,

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  • Plugin Author Tim


    I’ll try to be as clear as I can so you can translate or understand more easily.

    There is no language settings, unfortunately I have not made it to that part of the development to focus on internationalization. Sorry for that inconvenience.

    As far as your cubepoints / wordpoints issue, the plugins I’ve made are merely samples to get others interested. I neither use cubepoints or wordpoints myself at all. Since you are the second to ask, I’ll take some time in the upcoming week to look at making another plugin similar for WordPoints.

    As for your issue with the author/admin. There should be no such error message, or perhaps I’m not understanding the question. Using [list_players] in a post/page will create a list of the players on your site. Each player will then be able to attack other players IF you have the Attack plugin enabled. This goes for the Admin AND the users. Perhaps if you email me at timgarrity89 (at) gmail (dot) com, I can help look at your site and see the issue rather than you try to explain it.

    Hope that helps, and above all, thank you for supporting my plugin and idea.

    Thank you for the answers. First I have to say that i was stupid, because i had not published the page, it was a concept so user could not see that page only admin. Must be my age of sixty!

    I can translate within the PHP code, so that is okay.

    I hope i can ask you still some questions.
    Issue about the Bank-module
    If i deposit Gold to bank, the current gold amount will decrease but the Banked Gold will not increase.
    Is it something i dont understand or something in the software?

    in the list off users there is a collum named XP, is that the points you have?

    I quess HP has to do with the state of your health.

    Can i find somewhere on whitch way the ranking is build?

    I realy love this plugin, because maybe i can use it for my website i am making for autistic kids.

    I hope you make more modules.
    Thanks so far. I can give the website adress but that is in dutch.

    Plugin Author Tim


    The Bank issue does sound like a software glitch that I’ll look into and publish a status on it’s own plugin page. [UPDATE: I don’t see any issue with this again, email me and i’ll look at your page. Dutch or not]

    XP stands for Experience Points, and are the points that your player gains from doing whatever it is you create your player to do. For instance, when using the Attack Module, a Successful Attack or Defend increases your Experience Points since you gained “Battle Experience”. In RPG games XP is normally used alongside leveling.

    Ranking is based solely, at the moment, on who has the greatest XP points. But later I need to create the Members Module to organize by Rank, and also want to give factors for Ranking. Some times XP points doesn’t always count as the highest ranking person, depending on how your game is set up or you wish to distinguish players.

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