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  • Hi all
    I’m very new to all this

    I’m in the process of creating an e-commerce site
    donwloaded and added in the theme I like…domain done, hosting done etc

    But before I go head over heels adding products I do have a few questions.

    I will be selling a wide range of products…. from makeup to mens clothing, womens clothing, dvds, underware, wallets… anything with a profit margain really

    but in terms of subdivision and catergories I would like to know if it is possible to create one product and to have it to appear under different catergories at the same time….

    For example
    one item I will be selling is makeup

    within makeup I have different brands e.g. “brand x” “Y” and “z”

    some buyers I know only shop for a particular brand in this case to keep it simple a buyer likes

    brand x

    i would like to be able to create my site to allow buyers to ‘browse by brand’


    ‘browse by product type’ in this case makeup type could be eyeliner, mascara foundation etc

    so lets just say i have brand X and it is a foundation product……

    I would like to be able to set brand x under a catergory
    “brand x”

    I would like this SAME item to appear if i create a ‘page’ (sorry if my terms are not correct here…I am new!)
    but to appear

    i.e. so I do not ‘double up’ on the product and have it sell in one ‘area’ of the store and be removed once out of stock

    reminds me a little of the saying…. ‘all roads lead to rome’… that’s sort of the idea behind this…. it is that depending how my buyers search; they might prefer to see ALL foundations I will have for sale regardless of brand

    whilst others will like to see and search by the brand of the makeup but doesn’t care if all types of makeup items appear; so long as it is brand X

    I will be selling other items such as clothing so again; similar case of wanting to search for e.g. pair of mens shorts

    search/select for it under catergory mens>shorts


    brand > brand “y” short

    also one other dimension may be search by size filter…specific to clothing rather than makeup items

    IS this possible?

    I’ve purchased a couple of takokoo e-commerce templates as I like the look of them instead of making my store from scratch…

    I am hesitant to add all my products up yet as I’d like to know what is possible before I start it…

    thanks for the help in advance and the time to respond

    i do not have the website up and running yet because I’m still figuring out how I want to display the range of items I will have… eventually it will be over 2000 items but beforehand I need to set the foundations correctly.

    remeber I am very new to this but I am willing to learn what is required to make it work!
    any tuts, videos, demo links would be greatly appreciative

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  • WPyogi


    Forum Moderator

    What ecommerce plugin or theme are you using?

    I’ve purchased a couple of takokoo e-commerce templates as I like the look of them instead of making my store from scratch…

    We do not support any commercial products here, so you will need to go to the developer/vendor for help with anything you purchased or downloaded from anywhere other than this site.

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