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    Please please please help asap!

    I was trying to get a big post going here recently and was switching themes before I posted it (so I wasn’t using a boring stock theme)

    I bought “highlight” theme, a beautiful theme that ended up being too much work for me to maintain because to post stories, I’d have to make JPEG’s of the words, and that’s just a PITA.

    Then I bought photoshot and I thought, easy, no problem. BUT it had big issues and I’m not sure when this took into effect… but for some reason, my most important blog post, one that has been viewed nearly 30,000 times, got all screwed up!

    The built in comments are longer working on any post and that post is beyond messed up…

    Any help!? Any reason why it started doing this?

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  • Try deactivating all plugins and revert to an unedited fresh version of Twenty Eleven theme.

    Please explain in greater detail, after you clear your browser cache, what does not look right to you. There does appear to be a few minor display issues (I also do not know what the post looked like previously), but please be more clear.

    As for the comments, I see the Facebook comment running.

    how would I get back to an unedited fresh version of 2011?….

    I cleared cache and it still has foure major issues..

    One: The captions of pictures no-longer appear under the picture as they did before (and how they do in ALL OTHER POSTS), they show up in the post itself, but not in the caption margin inside the picture

    TWO: After the text message picture, the post suddenly sprawls out to the edges of the blog, and above that picture, everything stays constrained within the picture width.

    THREE: The post repeats itself in its entirety below the first article, only it’s spread across the entire screen this time, and not just across the blog’s width… and it’s all on a gray background

    FOUR: the wordpress comments aren’t showing up, ONLY Facebook comments…

    Thanks for your help so far!

    Ooops.. correction, the post doesn’t actually repeat, but it does slip outside of the normal blog area and has a grey background, and it’s not centered or anything… it’s just messed up!

    You can download Twenty Eleven here:

    when I do that, it just says “already downloaded”…

    I’m very confused why it only effected that one post… The other posts are fine and normal, it’s just that one post…

    @ Krishna,

    Please review what theme an OP is using at Sucuri, it provides details in most cases on the theme, it can also be revealed by reviewing source code and/or some knowledge of what to look for that is theme specific…

    @ tim,

    These are all CSS issues, the best advise to a non-coder is to open the post in the visual post editor and use the tools provides to fix the post and then re-publish it.

    @seacoast Web Design,
    Thanks, but I already did that before giving the suggestion.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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