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  • Hi All –

    This seems to have been covered many times, but I hope to clarify what’s out there.

    So my team will be posting articles, etc, to a WordPress blog. Those articles will be written by people who will never use WordPress, but they need to be credited on each post, sometimes more than one person to a post.

    For example: ‘by [John Smith], [Duncan Troy] and [David Jones]’

    (the square brackets would link to all posts by, or co-authored by, that author).

    My question is how is this best achieved? Should I use categories / tags? Ideally I would use authors as it seems more ‘true’ semantically.

    One more thing – could the authors be listed in a custom way, like so:

    If one author: ‘by John Smith’
    If two authors: ‘by John Smith and David Jones’
    If three authors@ ‘by John Smith, Laura Hope and David Jones’

    Any help is much appreciated.


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