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  • I’m no expert with CSS, but this seems like a strange problem. On my site, my “Mission Statement” page is suddenly all out of whack, and I haven’t tinkered with the code at all recently. All the other pages are fine, however. How does this happen? More importantly, how do I resolve it?

    I’m at — by the way.

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  • Validate the page’s code and fix any errors that may appear:

    You may have invalid code in that page that’s messing up its display.





    Hmmmm… It says I have 22 errors. Yet the pages that work have the same results.


    I didn’t find the exact location of the solution, but in the HTML code for the Mission Statement page, the sidebar and footer are WITHIN the DIV of the Div id=”content”.

    On the other pages the id=”content” Div is closed before the Sidebar and Footer Div’s. So you need a closing Div before them, and that would then make one too many after them, which needs to be removed

    I pretty much get what you’re saying, stvwlf, but I’m not sure how to edit code on an individual page in this case, as strange as that sounds.

    Look in your theme’s page.php.

    I appreciate everyone’s help, but most of this stuff is beyond me. I am really out of my league. When I look at the pages in GoLive, none of them look like the HTML that I’m more comfortable with. And I still don’t understand how one page can be out of whack, while the others are fine. Aren’t the same Style Sheets feeding all the pages?

    I chose the “Kubrick” theme because I thought it would be stable. I haven’t even messed with the codes today, so I’m pretty baffled.

    Okay, so I created a new page, which I didn’t know I could do, and it worked. I cut-pasted the old text into the new page. I’ve only been using WP since yesterday (entries from May were backdating from my old, clunky HTML blog).

    You guys still definitely get the thumbs up for trying to help me, I’m just not very savvy in this area.

    Well, now the index page is suddenly doing what the other page was doing — the sidebar is pushed all the way to the bottom. Yet every other page is fine. I swear I didn’t touch any code! Honestly! Could there be something else at work here?

    I’ve noticed that the index page does the very same things when I have tried some other themes. But I really just want Default 1.5 to work — shouldn’t this be ultra-stable? The only thing I’ve done (and before this was a problem) was add a new header by overwriting kubrickheader.jpg — that’s it.

    Should I try a more updated version of WP? I have 2.0.4, and I see that there is a 2.5x out there…

    you should always update to the latest. AFTER you back up.

    install the db-backup plugin, and the auto-upgrade plugin to make it easy. (the auto-upgrade does make backups but I like knowing I did it myself with the db-backup)

    DB backup


    That most likely won’t solve your formatting problem, but should be done – a side issue, actually

    The main issue is in WP is that you are not dealing with whole pages of HTML but with page fragments, which WP assembles into a whole page each time a page is displayed.

    The header is in one PHP file. The sidebar(s) in another (or two others). The footer in another. And the main content is held in a series of PHP pages. Generally only one is used per page, but WHICH one varies depending on a number of possibilities – the logic of which one is all contained with WP’s core code. To become an intelligent WP user requires, over time, that you learn what is called in and when.

    When you see something like you are experiencing, that is a tipoff that a different page is being called in on your mission statement page. Or else, that different logic is being applied from the page header (such as a different or additional style sheet applied to that page).

    I didn’t look at this before, but you only have one PAGE, the mission statement, on your blog. All the rest are blog posts, being presented on the home page, or in categories or archives. That means that the page.php file is called in for the mission statement, which contains different code. You will find the problem is with a misplaced closing div tag </div> as i said before.

    Now I see your home page has the sidebar below the posts. This is also due to either a misplaced closing div tag in the index.php file, or else this can happen if the stated width of the contents area plus the sidebar area combined (including padding and margins) is wider than the container in which they are trying to fit.

    Did you save a copy of your theme before you started making changes to it? You might want to save what you have now and then restore back to the most recent version, where only the mission statement was messed up, and proceed from there

    It’s starting to make sense, and thank you for your patience and your explanations. I re-downloaded the Default 1.5 theme, and copied it over the existing one, hoping that a new untampered index.php would solve the problem (I actually never changed any of the code on this page, but nonetheless it’s not working). Unfortunately, the lay-out is still wrong.

    Truth be told, I am perfectly willing to start over, since my theme changes were only (a) a new JPG for the header and (b) just some rewording here and there. Since re-downloading and copying over the theme didn’t work, is there something I’m missing?

    Get rid of your stats javascript code, it’s full of errors.

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