• I don’t understand this company really. Even after I ceased any commercial nature by them I am still haunted by their free/commercial/paid/one-to-many-two-to-many plugin. How on earth the plugin is posted on wordpress as 2.3 while on my site I am having a notification of version 3? This is supposed to be free so where can I download it as long as I no longer have a license key or paid subscription?

    To my understanding this one is %100 free and up to date vs their other set of plugins, but I do seem to be wrong.

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  • Plugin Support Beda


    We apologize that you are not satisfied with Toolset Types.

    Toolset Types is not a commercial Plugin. It is free for anyone to download here.

    I do also not notice any performance issue with Toolset Types.
    If you can open a Ticket describing the issue, I can help you to solve this.

    Related to Toolset as the paid Plugins I cannot reply here.
    But since you have a subscription I suggest you would come directly to the Paid Forum for this issue?
    I see you haven’t yet opened up any Ticket in regard of performance or Bugs:

    I would like to help you out with the problems and know why you are not anymore satisfied with Toolset!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us about the topics.

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    I’m always surprised when I see “reviews” like this. First off, I want to say that I’ve run both the free and the paid version of this plugin and have never noticed any performance hits on my websites. Since it is such a complex plugin I imagine it could be possible to set things up in such a way that would cause errors and problems on the server but that would be an issue with improper configuration and not the plugin itself.
    There are excellent help files on the plugin website and the forums there are full of useful information. I’ve always been able to find solutions to problems I’ve had without even making use of the additonal support that is available to paying users.
    I think this review is an example of shooting first and asking questions later (or not asking at all).

    I’ve had nothing but problems when working with toolset. Working on client sites that use these plugins for page templates has been a total pain. On two occasions now, just migrating the site and changing nothing but the site’s url (like pushing the site to staging with wpengine) has caused some toolset built woocommerce templates to completely break for no apparent reason. When our clients eventually want to redesign these websites we don’t include toolset in the new build.

    Plugin Support Beda


    Hi @rmmoul

    This is the review Forum for Toolset Types, which is the free plugin.

    Toolset which you mention is a paid tool, and this is not the forum intended for it, as it is not allowed by WordPress to discuss paid Plugin matters in the Free Plugin Forum.

    For Toolset (Paid) Support and Complaints we have a dedicated Support Forum where we are available to help:

    I can confirm the issue you experience, and I created an erratum for it here a while ago:

    There is no solution, but all that should be needed is to re-save the settings.

    Please contact us in the Support forum above mentioned if this is not the case in your install, and we will analyze it.

    We are also working on changing this, so the issue is not happening anymore.

    Please let me know in a support ticket if I can help with any Toolset/Types related issue.

    Thank you!

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    @robbie Check the others recent reviews on the plugin you defend, then feel free to comment. So, have you managed to upgrade to the FREE/PAID v3.0 you genius?

    About performance? Check the performance on the vendor site itself against others benchmark and post some useful insights. I hope you were not get paid for posting such defensive meaningless review. There are good sides of the plugin, but the aspects you defend are really really poor and known defects for all of their clients.

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    Version 3.0 is not free, @hossamhossny.
    2.3.1 is, which you can download here or in case you have an older version, in the update area of your plugins list.

    What you mean by the performance on the vendor himself?
    Do you experience performance issues with Toolset Types?
    In case, could you contact us in the support forum?


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    @all I made this for everyone to disable the notification upgrade for v2.3 permanently until you migrate to another plugin. See https://pastebin.com/yhSPUmh9

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