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  • I consider myself an experienced WordPress user/developer and after a bit of research I stumble upon the iOS App, wanted to try it out, apparently had to install Jetpack on a store? Was bugged by the fact that I have to do a lot of data sharing with for such a basic functionality, I only need the app to work, I don’t need the CDN (very slow, prefer not to use it), don’t need the tons of ads to different features, don’t like the fact that I’m redirected to after activating, was totally confused actually wrote “what the heck” when I was asked if I want to recommend this plugin… !? I haven’t even used it yet!

    Please consider separating the WooCommerce part from JetPack to a stand-alone module, yes it adds a lot of features, but for 99% of the stores out there they don’t need sharing features, analytics to be stored outside their server, back-up when all hosting providers provide backups, etc.

    On top of that, I did some measures, it adds around 10-30 queries in the WP Admin, on a bare-bone WooCommerce installation, this is not OK for growing stores, each query means more time spent processing in the server, on shared hosting this can be a very big impact — this is why people think JetPack slows their websites, because it adds (indeed) some load (as any plugin does) to the website.

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  • Plugin Support fresatomica


    Are you referring to the WooCommerce mobile app?

    Most of Jetpack is designed to speed up your site by taking load off of your server, like our site accelerator or stats subscriptions and related posts which are all processed on our end (rather than hammering your database as these features traditionally do).

    As you mentioned though, the more Jetpack modules you add, the more your site has to initially process, so we recommend to only use the features you want.

    Regarding overall speed and load, here’s an excellent independent report:

    We’d also love to help you fix the issues on your particular site, you can reach us for support via and at any time.

    OK, thank you for the response (was not expecting that). stats are very unrealistic (sadly), they register anything from humans, to bots/ddos/scrips/crawlers/etc., compared to GA (not that GA doesn’t fail on it’s own).

    The Site accelerator network (CDN) is slow (at least in my zone), compared to serving everything from a regular apache/nginx/litespeed host, I’ve seen <100kb resources taking up to 1s to transfer… (thank God for HTTP/2).

    Also, on the test done on that blog post, the sharing was tested with the worst possible plugin you can get for that basic functionallity and the GA pretty much the same.

    Yes, I agree that the typical user does not have the time/knowledge to do the research but there still are issues regarding data privacy and the fact that you’re forcing Shop Owners to install a plugin that they don’t need, just to use the mobile App and for that privilege JetPack spams the heck out of their dashboard and activate functions slowing down the website (because why not) is not anywhere near good.

    p.s. on the blog post thing: 20% load increase is not OK for barebone wp + jetpack with no options enabled.

    Plugin Support KokkieH


    Hi there, stats are very unrealistic (sadly), they register anything from humans, to bots/ddos/scrips/crawlers/etc., compared to GA (not that GA doesn’t fail on it’s own).

    Jetpack stats do not count views by bots or other automated traffic. Only views in an active and focused browser window is counted.

    The Site accelerator network (CDN) is slow

    If you open a support ticket as we asked above with more details, we can investigate what’s going on here. Same with the load increase on your blog posts.

    there still are issues regarding data privacy

    You can find detailed information Jetpack and privacy at The support page for every module also includes a section outlining exactly what data is collected by each module and for what purpose, as well as how long that data is stored.

    If you have any questions or concerns not covered by that documentation, please send them via a support ticket and our team can take a look.

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