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  • If you have your photos on Picasaweb as I do, and want to display them with some commentary, this is a no-brainer Gallery plugin for WordPress.
    In fact, the Gallery display beats Picasaweb itself I think. And the support from Mike Toppa and others is superb.
    If you’re looking at starting a site for showing photos, or even if you’re wanting to display the occasional photo this plugin is well worth the time spent in familiarizing yourself with it.

    Feature suggestion :
    An older version allowed (or defaulted) the copying of photos into the WP Media section. The advantage to this is that then you can use images from Picasa as WP ‘Featured’ images supported by your theme.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Toppa


    Thanks for the kind words Mark. In regard to featured images, many have asked for it, and I always thought it wasn’t possible (for example, see here: )

    But I just did some checking again, and found a way to do it (this example is for a youtube video, but the idea can be applied to any remote image – )

    I’ve added it to the to-do list:

    The caveats are:

    * the featured image is pulled into WP and stored locally, so it won’t stay synchronized with any changes to the remote version.
    * once it becomes a featured image, it’s not a Shashin image – that is, it’s not displayed through a Shashin shortcode, so it won’t get an expanded view in Shashin’s Fancybox.

    Thanks for the links Mike. I thought I was going nuts with Featured Images but it turns out that I’m not alone!

    I’m still working on my ideal photo workflow when on an overseas trip. Currently I have:

    • Take a days worth of photos (100 – 200 on holiday)
    • In Picasa app, select keepers and delete the rest
    • Create an album for the day and select the best photos of that day
    • Synchronize with Picasaweb / Google+
    • Write blog post illustrating with images from current album
    • Place whole album into separate blog post
    • Later — return to enhance RAW images in Lightroom / Photoshop
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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