• Form last yr I was working on a theme that will be 100% blocks and last week my theme got selected in the wordpress.org.

    This is the theme https://wordpress.org/themes/bizberg/

    Demo: https://bizberg.cyclonethemes.com/

    I have created this theme using your plugin and my plugin elegant blocks specially made for that theme. All the pages in that site are created by blocks.

    Some difficulty I faced when working with your plugin are as follows

    1. No slider blocks
    2. The desktop layout is great but in tablet and mobile, I had some problem bcoz you have some fields(spacing) that are only for desktop and I cannot control mobile and tablet spacing.
    3. In column settings there is border but I cannot control individual border eg. If I just want border-top or border-right that is not possible.

    I can think of those three right now. But I like your plugin very much. I will be using your plugin for all of my new themes.

    Thank you for the great plugin. If possible plz make a slider block.

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    Thank you for the ratings @cyclonetheme ! 🙂

    And thank you for your suggestions too! We have a lot of things planned and coming in the future updates. I will take this forward to our developers to see whether this can be included in the plugin too. Thank you again!

    Please feel free to write to us if you need any help or have any more ideas and suggestions for us.

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