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    One of my WordPress 3 Multi Site subdomain blogs has vanished! It was available ’till a few days ago (last updated 26th June via MultiPress). The site’s details are in the database. When I try to access the site I get a “Firefox can’t find the server at sub.domain.tld” error, I cannot access the blog’s backend through the Super User>Sites panel (same error) and updating the network gives the error “Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: Couldn’t resolve host sub.domain.tld. Test sites setup properly and can be accessed without error. I’ve repaired and optimized the database.

    It is as though my server doesn’t know there is a subdomain site to serve. All my other sites work fine. Anyone have a solution? Where does WordPress register the virtual site to make it display when called?

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  • Where does WordPress register the virtual site to make it display when called?

    In the database.

    But it can only be served if the server is set up correctly.

    So, you checked the db & foudn it was still there (good!).
    Which means something changed in a setting somewhere, or the server.
    Test site work – also good. this means it may not be the server.

    One other thing to check – did you make a new subdomain somewhere else?

    Go look under Super Admin -> Options -> Banned names list. Did you or someone else accidentally put the subdomain in there?



    Hey Andrea, thanks for your reply. I have several other multi sites setup on the same server. They all work fine, it’s just this one subdomain that’s playing up. I’ve tried to fix it by creating the subdomain in cPanel to point to the root install of the top domain – hasn’t fixed it.

    I’m the only registered site user (I’ve prevented others from registering new sites). The subdomain name isn’t banned (I’ve double-checked). It did work perfectly. The plugins still function; I know this because the error log shows:

    PHP Fatal error: Class ‘WP_User_Search’ not found in ~/wp-content/plugins/multipress-content/core/functions.php on line 712

    once on every date from the 26th June to 1st July. I’ll deactivate the plug via the database but I doubt it’s causing the issue. I think WordPress is failing to recognize calls to the subdomain.

    I’m going to create a new subdomain, export the database tables for the faulty one, edit the tables for use with the newly created subdomain, delete the new domain’s tables then import the (edited) old domain’s tables. After that I’ll log in to my site’s dashboard, delete the old subdomain then edit the new subdomain to replace the old subdomain. Fingers crossed. I’ll try other suggestions first though, lol.



    Andrea, you know what, it’s working again!!! I must have fixed it when I recreated the subdomain in cPanel to help WordPress MS along. The last post in it is the 24th June so it’s definitely been down since then, at least.

    For future reference, how should I fix WordPress so that I can remove the real subdomain DNS record?

    It (the subdomain request) should just trickle down to the WP install & find it in the db.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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