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  • I just noticed that one of my more popular posts (by way of comments and links in, etc) has up and disappeared from my blog!

    I had originally created the post while still hosting How to Blog at But I exported all of my posts/comments/trackbacks to WordPress 2.0.1 (and then upgraded to 2.0.2) on March 7th. The post *did* originally get imported, comments and all, and was reachable at:

    Now when one clicks on that link, it generates a 404 error.

    The post is entitled, “Starting a new blog? Get your own domain name! Do NOT use a subdomain of,, (etc)”.

    I have NO idea how and when this post all of a sudden disappeared but I can guarantee you I sure as **** didn’t delete it.

    I figured – don’t panic – I can just reimport the post with all of it’s comments and trackbacks and logged back into my old typepad account and exported my posts and then found the post in question and created a txt file that just contained that post and it’s comments and trackbacks. I then went to wordpress’s IMPORT feature, and chose to import from movabletype. When I browsed to the file and told it to import it, I get the following error message:

    1. Post Starting a new blog? Get your own domain name! Do NOT use a subdomain of,, (etc) already exists.

    Yet any searches for any of the text from the title or the body of that post (either from w/in the blog search itself OR the admin search) do not turn up that post. The post isn’t listed in my archives, and as I mentioned, going to it’s original link now returns a 404 error.

    I’m more than a little bit concerned here, for a number of reasons:

    • How did this post disappear? Why isn’t it showing up anymore on my blog or even as a draft when I manage my posts?
    • As the post no longer appears to exist on my blog, why won’t WordPress allow me to reimport it (and it’s comments and trackbacks)? How can it say that the post already exists (which it should…) if it isn’t accessible anywhere on the site or from within the wordpress interface?

    Can someone PLEASE help me with this?


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  • Even worse, in comparing my post lists side by side with those from my original typepad blog, I’ve found another post that’s gone missing (Entitled: “Trackback spam a nightmare for TypePad users, while WordPress anti-spam filters and plugins make for smooth sailing”):

    Also now providing a 404 error and not listed when I go to manage posts. (Trailing number at the end of URL is post ID, and that post is also no longer showing up when I list posts)

    This is making me feel a little panicky…

    I don’t know which is more disturbing – my posts disappearing or the fact that NO ONE has replied to this thread.

    I got my host to install phpMyAdmin so that I could take a look at the actual database and see if the posts that had ‘disappeared’ still existed in the database itself.

    Turns out that they do, except in the howtoblog_posts table, for each of the missing posts the post_status column value has been changed from “publish” to “private” – yet these posts do not even appear within the wordpress UI as private posts (and they were never made private by ME)

    I ask again, what is going on here????

    Well I fixed the problem myself by logging out of WP and logging in (for the first time ever) as the user that WordPress created as the author of all of the imported TypePad posts. I was then able to see the private posts in my admin panel (although only by browsing through all posts, not by searching for terms in the posts) and then edit the posts and change their status from private to publish.

    However, while I solved my immediate problem, I sure as heck didn’t cause it and would still like to know how this could have happened in the first place as I’ve NEVER logged in before as the user that I had imported the posts with and thus could obviously never have changed the post status to private.


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