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  • Hi,

    This is the weirdest thing. I have ONE page that just is not changing no matter what I do.

    • Change the template from the backend
    • Renamed all of my php files, only when I change the functions.php file does this page go missing
    • If I go to another page and change the template to the same one I am trying to change on the other page, it works
    • I have zipped up and deleted all my files, refreshed and it’s definitely the right folder of files I am working in
    • Changed the theme.
    • Removed the content from the backend

    Is there anything else I can try to figure out why this one particular page is not playing nice?

    The only thing about this one page is that it has a Unity Game on it. Even then, I have removed the content from the backend but still the game shows up.

    Clearly I have done something but for the life of me, I cannot figure it out? 🙂

    Anything else someone can suggest?

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  • Hi,

    What is the page URL ?

    Thanks for getting back to me River. Everything is on localhost at the moment, I’me afraid.

    And even if I had a link for you, there is nothing you can change in the CMS without all the login details. 🙁

    Is it the “Front-Page” that is giving your trouble, by chance?

    Also, is the name of the page included in any of the php files? ie: page-pagename.php?

    Thanks for the input Dtrickky.

    I know exactly what template it should be.

    – If I add a div to the page, it does not show on the page with the game.
    – If I change the contact page to use this template, I can then see this div.

    It’s almost like the JS that renders this page messes with the rest of the page when it renders. Yet, I have stripped out the JS file link and still the game renders as normal.

    I’ve cleared the cache thinking it is a caching issue and still the same thing.

    (Hard to explain and sorry I don’t have a link to show you right now.)

    Not to worry, one of the other developers had put that page’s content into the PLUGIN folder where I stumbled across it yesterday.

    Thanks everyone.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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