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  • Wow this is insane, I remove the plugin, cleared all redirects from PHP my admin. Anyway I won’t be using the plugin any more as I’ll be redirecting through my cp panel, but can you help with restoring back my page please.



    Hi Nikolay, if you have deactivated, or uninstalled the plugin and you’re still being redirected:

    1. Clear your browser cache
    2. You may have other plugins redirecting

    Hi @eggplantstudios,

    And thank you for the suggestions, but this is not the case, although I just submitted a ticket to my cache plugin support team. I disabled the plugin, apart of clearing the cache. The guys from my host support were suggesting that there may be some data on wordpress site still existing, do you know of anything like this that may be happening?



    Hi Nikolay,

    Once the plugin is disabled the code responsible for redirecting no longer runs. What can happen sometimes is the browser ‘remembers’ the redirect, and continues to redirect. You can test if this is the case by trying the page from a different browser, or computer.

    But it doesn’t look like that is the case, because when I visit those URLs I am still redirected.

    I suspect something else is the cause; this might be a good place to start

    I too have had a strange occurrence in the last day. I have 15 pages in a custom post type and 9 of those pages had 301 redirects applied to them but those redirects did not exist inside of the plugin. In fact there were no redirects in the plugin. My client ask me to load the plugin but never actually entered anything.

    Being a pessimist I did not believe this could just happen and thought they entered in information, did not realize how to use the plugin and then deleted their entries but by then the 301 had already taken place. But I know this did not happen because when I make an entry my id was still 1, 2, 3… It would have been much higher.

    I used a 301 tracking tool and my redirects are actually cascading. They all appear to be going to one page but that is just a result of the cascade that happens.

    The only thing that changed for me was updating the core from 4.3 to 4.4.

    I have also search though out the site and checked the htaccess file. I can’t find the origination of the 301.

    I’d love to hear some feedback. I thought it was unique to my site until this post.

    Question, what does the OFF function do? I see if I create a redirect I can do 301 (Permanent) 302 (Temporary) and OFF (???)

    Please explain.




    Kokoruz do the redirects happen when the plugin is disabled?

    Turning a redirect ‘Off’ will remove it from the list of redirects that will be captured. It’s a way to keep them in the list, but disable them for future use.

    Interesting thing is that I didn’t have this problem before upgrading to WP 4.4 as @kokoruz explained, as I haven’t physically redirected this pages.
    Strange stuff, now I need to redirect all 410 links from scratch through my cp panel and there isn’t option to import a list.


    Yes, with the plugin disabled the redirecting still continues. It would seem as though the 301 redirect had been implemented and whether it’s listed or not once the web spiders index the redirect how do yo get around that?

    Strange enough though, this is on a dev server and I have discourage search engine indexing turned on and has always been turned on.

    This oddness has happen affected my live site and my dev site. The only correlation I can find was I updated both to 4.4.

    On my live site I had to change the name of the slug in the permalink to prevent the redirect from happening.

    I had the same issue with another page on my website when doing 301 redirect through my cp panel. I checked everything, I also found some text/code in wp-config.php related to W3 supper cache plugin that I do not use, but even after removing it nothing changed. It is very strange thing, especially as I went more than 3 times through the entire list of redirects I did and there wasn’t an error that can of trigger the redirection of this page.

    Very weird stuff!

    This sounds like it may be a bug related to WordPress 4.4, and nothing to do with Eggplant 301 Redirects.

    Here’s the current trac bug report:

    wp_old_slug_redirect() in 4.4 redirecting existing posts

    After updating to WordPress 4.4, I noticed that some of my existing pages were redirecting to other pages. The unique thing about these pages is that at one time they had been moved to a new slug and a new page was created and given the old slug.

    I have not been able to recreate this condition by adding a new page, changing the slug, then adding a new page at the original slug. Those older pages had a _wp_old_slug custom field set with the original URL but that is not being created as I move pages now. So this may only be an issue for sites with older page moves.

    I believe this behavior is caused by the removal of is_404() in [34659]. It had previously stopped a redirect away from a post / page that currently exists, even if another post had its URL in a _wp_old_slug custom field.
    This is different from, but may be related to #35012.

    This bug is currently marked to be fixed and released with the next minor WordPress version, which is 4.4.1.

    One useful function of WordPress is to track changes to a post slug. If you’ve changed your post slug, WordPress will store the old slug in the “wp_postmeta” table under meta_key “_wp_old_slug”

    For instance, let’s say you have a post:

    and you later decide to rename the url to:

    WordPress will silently store the old german-cars slug in the database, and if anyone were to hit that old URL, it’ll do an automatic 301 redirect to german-vehicles. This takes place completely separate from this (great) plugin, or any redirect plugin. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to manually setup a 301 redirect as WordPress will take care of it for you. This plugin is necessary for situations where WordPress doesn’t automatically handle it.

    If you want to display (or remove) the “_wp_old_slug” records in your database, you can find some SQL commands here:

    By the way, here are more related bug reports, which are all marked as duplicates of the bug report above:

    After upgrade to 4.4 some existing pages are redirected to other existing pages

    Redirection based on _wp_old_slug postmeta value should first check if there is an active published post with the same slug!

    301 infinite redirect loop error on SOME posts

    Thanks a lot @jumbo,

    I have already renamed my permalinks, for the affected pages/posts – and at one point i knew it was something to do with WP update. I also posted on the general WP support but just to be told to return to this page.
    It is very frustrating thing, every time there is an update something goes wrong.
    I also redirected my old, affected, links to the newly renamed one – so I hope there won’t be any conflict with the silent WP 301 redirection.

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