• There are a very few number of plugins that get installed on every website I set up.

    This is one of them.

    • Simple forms? – Easy
    • Complex forms? – No problem
    • Front-end manipulation of submitted form data? – Sure
    • Advanced API’s to allow other plugins to manipulate form data before and after submission? – Absolutely

    For example, I needed to create a pseudo-eCommerce solution that would take “orders” from clients but not interface with a payment gateway. I tried several eCommerce solutions, looking to ways to customize their system while providing all the unusual features that the client needed. The easiest and most stable solution was to use Formidiable’s ability to create custom posts based on user submissions, and write my own eCommerce module. It was surprising how easy it was in Formidable!

    Formidable is my go-to solution for getting information from front end users.

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