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  • I am new to WordPress and I’v already ran into a problem with buttons. I have added a page titled Welcome. I went to the “Reading…Front Page displays” and set it to the Welcome page. Now I have two buttons “Home and Welcome”. When I rename the “Welcome” page to “Home” I wind up with two “Home” buttons.

    Any kind sole out there with any ideas to fix this?

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  • Steve


    You’ll probably have to modify your theme to remove the ‘Home’ link as it’s not a regular page. Many/most themes have that hard-coded in the theme file.

    BTW, a ‘sole’ is the bottom of a shoe, or a fish. I think you were looking for ‘soul’. Or maybe not … 🙂

    LOL. My bad, you are a kind sole!!! Thanks. I’m using StudioPress Corporate theme. My last programming experience was Pascal and Assembly language in college. Does page_full.php sound like a good place to start looking for the code?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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