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  • I am in the process of consolidating multiple Catablog sites into one master catalog. I have several products lines and would like to maintain only one catalog and use the categories to filter the view.

    The challange is that I want to host the Catablog site on my main corp site – and have the individual product sites be able to reference the master catalog.

    It seems that if I could inject the first part of the URL into the link this would be an easy process. However not sure I can acompoish this on my own and would like some other ideas or thoughts on how to accompolish this.

    Thank you for your time.

    Rob Griffin

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  • Hi, that option is not included in this plugin without rewriting some of the code or creating a multisite. See the following links:

    If your option to create a multisite is not what you would like then you could try the following option.

    1) Add all the images in your master site.
    2) Add one product image on the other sites and link them to the master site. For example you sell marbles and there are different combinations of marbles, colour and sizes. By adding an image of a marble to the other sites and linking them to the master site which will be a gallery with all the different sizes and colour marbles might give you what you are trying to achieve. That means you never have to update the other sites only the master website with all the images.

    I am not sure if the above would work for you but that is all I could think of. Maybe my idea above might put you on the right track.

    Kind regards

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