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  • I am new to wp, and really a newbe with websites too.

    Let me explain what I am trying to do.

    having one main page (domain name!)

    there having a option off choosing between “my sites” its about photos, and “wifes site its about hats,

    if i lets say click on my one, then I would like that its opens my page, with its own menue and maybe?!? even own design. there i would like to no menues linken to her site and of course vice versa.

    not sure for what I am looking.

    have so far a page (on localhost) runing with main page. and 3 menue points
    1 photos – whit submenues for i.e about me, my work, bio etc
    2 hats – with submenues for i.e about me, hats, fascinators, bespoke etc
    3 contact

    If i click now on photos I go to that page, but I can still see the menue for hats, and the other way around

    is it possible to switch it off or only show the submenues on that page. At the moment you see main pages menue photos and hats, and if you hoover over it it shows you the rest.

    Any help or suggestion is welcome

    Is this possible to do or is it a mad idea?

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  • Hi there,

    it’s possible to do but

    1.) You have to have the knowledge for this to be able to modify your theme OR
    2.) You have to find a theme that comes with “unlimited menus” functionality OR
    3.) You have to find a plugin that will provide you with the ability to choose custom menu per page.

    You also mentioned different designs, so maybe having separate WordPress installations is the most elegant solution?

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