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  • This plugin works great, but is a bit cumbersome on sites with lots of pages.

    Say I have a custom menu widget that I only want to show (or not show) on one group of pages, made up of a parent page, child pages, and child of child pages. The checkbox selector shows an alphabetical list of pages, instead of ordered in the site’s hierarchy. So, I have to go through the whole list very carefully to make sure I have everything in the single group I’m working on. That can get very tedious with a list of a hundred or more pages.

    If the display were a bit wider, to allow longer page names to fit on one line, and if pages were listed by “order” as they show on the “All Pages” screen, showing parent and child pages more clearly, it would be perfect. But there isn’t anything better available at the moment that I can find, so…

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  • The development version 2.04b has the pages listed in order like the Pages screen. If you would like to try it out,
    1. deactivate the plugin first
    2. download the zip file here
    3. install this version using the “Upload” tab on the “Install Plugins” screen (it won’t overwrite the current version)
    4. you may need to activate it

    Please report back with any problems.

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